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Competent and quick support for your requests enabled by clearly structured teams.

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An overview of our team

Distribution team
When it comes to the distribution of high value and technically innovative products, our internal sales service ensures optimal processing, transactions, and communication with our customers. The team has many years of experience in the fields of wholesale and foreign trade and understands the need of our customers.

Thanks to the focus on a smaller product spectrum, our team is capable of answering technical issues directly and quickly. Do you have any questions? If so, feel free to contact Ms. Rötten, Ms. Kreuziger-Götze, Ms. Qotit, or Ms. Schweigert.


Technical team
For additional technical support, our team of engineers and technicians are there to provide you with advice and practical support. Every member of our team possesses the know-how on a variety of applications and knowledge on various products and technologies. Your questions will be competently answered by Mr. Braun, Mr. Kundt, Mr. Elallali, Mr. Schäfer and Mr. Kühne.


Administration team
The important areas of administration, finances, and company management work together closely, quickly and with that, highly efficiently. The department of finances is run by Mr. Herdin, who is supported by Ms. Sommer and Ms. Semmler. 

The executive board is headed by Mr. Herdin. Ms. Bressel completes this team by heading the administration department.


Sensor team
Our department for sensor solutions is run in a competent, comprehensive, and pinpoint manner by: Ms. Rötten, Mr. Ballen and Mr. Schäfer.


Software & hardware development team
For foundational development performance in the field of software and hardware, Mr. Elallali, Mr. Kundt, Mr. Kühne, Mr. Haenel and Mr. Schäfer serve as your respective contact partners.


System solutions team
For system solutions, this team is always ready to help you with your needs: Ms. Bressel, Mr. Elallali and Mr. Kundt.


Logistics team
In our warehouse and when conducting logistical processes, the items of quality, timeliness and dependability play the most important role possible. Your wishes and suggestions are received with open ears by Mr. Vittoriano and Mr. Dias.


Quality team (RMA)
Both quality and naturally any complaints must be monitored and processed in a timely manner. Those assuming the respective responsibility for this is Mr. Braun.


Distribution team
Our field offices are also happy to assist you. Make use of our zip code search engine to find the contact partner responsible for you. Our field office teams are outlined for you here: Mr. Loyall (South), Mr. Schöneberg (West), Mr. Stenke (East) and Mr. Schmidt (North).