Qualität ist nur durch eines messbar, nämlich die Zufriedenheit der Kunden


Our demands goes far and beyond what is normally measured by norms and certificates.

Best quality – ensured for the long run

From the very beginning, UNITRONIC GmbH has set the goal of meeting the highest of standards when it comes to quality. This quality is reflected in many things. We place the highest of standards on the products we sell, because our customers should be able to rely on them completely. We also set the highest of standards for ourselves when advising our customers, because only then when we advise our clients in a qualified and effective manner, supporting them not only in the procurement of goods, but also in solving problems, will we be able to fulfill our own standard of high quality.

Quality is a bit of a subjective term and is difficult to measure in an objective manner. The UNITRONIC GmbH naturally fulfills the objective criteria and our quality management system is certified according to the EN ISO norm 9001:2008. Another matter of course is our compliance with RoHS guidelines for all products as well as our registration with the German registry ‘Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte’ (EAR, WEEE registration number DE 67213280).

Much more important than these official confirmations are our internal quality standards. For us, the customer is always at the forefront and that means that we competently stand by and serve the customer right from the first consultation through to the implementation and subsequent support of the customer’s projects in full partnership. We do a lot to make this possible. All of our customers can use the expertise of our experienced technicians and developers. In our labs, we can comprehensively support our clients in the development, programming, and much more. We only work with selected suppliers and partners who are well-known for their quality.

In addition, quality is very measurable in one particular point, namely in the satisfaction of our customers. The fact that we have been cooperating with the majority of our customers in great trust for many years now is a sign of how we have been living up to our demand on quality. This is reason enough for us to thank our customers for the faith they have placed in us.