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45 years of UNITRONIC – 45 years of innovation

UNITRONIC Headquaters in Düsseldorf / Germany
UNITRONIC Headquaters in Düsseldorf / Germany

For more than 45 years, UNITRONIC has stood for innovative products and the bold system thinking and expertise possessed by its technicians and engineers.

We place our focus on the customer. We always work together with our customers to discover and then implement the best and, at the same time, most cost-effective solutions. In addition to commercial transactions with the latest technologies, modules and components, we pay special attention to the ‘design-in’ and comprehensive services for our customers. UNITRONIC employees have accompanied the establishment of various applications over the years and with that, have gathered comprehensive know-how from which you too can now profit. We offer our customers comprehensive product consultation as well as support in hardware and software development, design reviewing, and the customer-specific programming of modules.

UNITRONIC began placing a focus on the topics of communications and sensors at a relatively early point in time. When it comes to communications, the world of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications has grown considerably in importance and with that, especially wireless communication channels. UNITRONIC developers have gained an incredible range of experience with electronic components, networking, and the necessary IT infrastructures. Many M2M solutions have already been implemented in practice. These solutions consist of the necessary application hardware, communication software, and IT infrastructures, including server solutions.

When it comes to sensor technology, UNITRONIC developers are also making the expertise they’ve gained over time and through experience available to our customers. We offer a number of sensor modules developed in our own laboratories, which are easily integrated into our applications, for a variety of applications. Thanks to our gas sensor laboratory, we are also capable of quickly adjusting sensor solutions to the needs of our customers while also integrating them into their applications. In addition to these gas sensors, we are also specialized in navigation sensors.

Of course, in light of our six customer-oriented sales offices, we also offer an extensive range of components and modules.

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