Gemeinsam mit unseren starken Partnern entwickeln wir für Sie


Our partners: Vodafone, 7Layers, EnOcean und M2M Alliance

Our strategic partnerships – more advantages for you

With its strategic partnerships, the UNITRONIC GmbH can ensure its customers important advantages, as there are number of products or services that only we can offer you thanks to these partnerships

As a “Certified Data Partner” with Vodafone, we can provide our customers with very attractive offers for M2M communications via mobile telephony. As one of only a few companies whatsoever, the UNITRONIC GmbH allows its customers access to Vodafone’s “Global Data Service Platform” (GDSP), which boasts a number of advantages, including secure access via an individual VPN network, evenly administrated contracts, worldwide data access with global and national roaming as well as fixed IP addresses at very attractive tariffs. These are all aspects that clearly separate us from classic providers.

Also of great importance is the partnership between UNITRONIC and 7Layers. The worldwide active company has specialized in testing and inspecting wireless means of communication. With this partnership, we can offer our customers valuable assistance in planning, designing and certifying antenna solutions and designs, which will clearly accelerate their access to the market.

In addition, our strategic alliance with the EnOcean GmbH offers us and, with that, indirectly our customers, the option of participating in the configuration of the low power radio network from EnOcean. In the EnOcean network, sensor profiles regulate the interplay of components from various manufacturers. As a specialist and experienced developer in the field of sensors, we can make a valuable contribution to the improvement of the network, thus offering our customers even more usage options.

Thanks to our membership in the M2M Alliance, the UNITRONIC GmbH is aiming to continually build upon its presence. The UNITRONIC GmbH not only offers its customers an extensive portfolio of dependable and resilient gateways and routers for the various applications in the M2M environment, but also the entire spectrum of M2M communications. This stretches from the process monitoring to bi-directional communications with reaction and control possibilities.

For all common transmission paths, the UNITRONIC GmbH not only offers the necessary products, but also suitable solutions. The key to a successful M2M implementation is creating a solution that is both flexible and customized to the needs of the customer from the various transmission paths and control possibilities. M2M solutions must also be smoothly integrated into the existing customer infrastructure and, in addition to automated reactions, also allow for manual override options.

As a result of the M2M Alliance, the M2M branch can be sustainably advanced. This is something our customers will also come to profit from.