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ISM solutions

Digi, Dresden Elektronik and AMBER wireless at UNITRONIC.

ISM solutions for particularly sensible, wireless applications

Flexibel und sicher – USB-Funk-Sticks im ISM Standard
Flexible and secure – USB telephony sticks in ISM standard

The field of ISM bands (industrial, scientific and medical) is a very wide realm and is usually used in applications that, for security reasons, require their own frequency area. The demands of the providers are correspondingly high. UNITRONIC cooperates with Digi, Dresden Elektronik and AMBER wireless, all of whom are proven experts in the field of ISM and have many years of experience.

Digi has a comprehensive program with a number of ISM solutions. Dresden Elektronik offers its telephony module and USB telephony sticks both with and without performance-capable microcontrollers, even for proprietary ISM applications as well as ready-to-use solutions. 

AMBER wireless delivers not only high quality and cost-effective radio and telephony transceivers and modules, but also complete Embedded modules, that can be used without prior experience.