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Digi, Connect One and embedded wireless at UNITRONIC.

Quick, secure, flexible and with a direct connection to the Internet: WLAN solutions at UNITRONIC

Ein WLAN-Modul von Digi in Großaufnahme
A close-up of a WLAN module from Digi

In terms of speed and universality, WLAN is far superior to all other telephony solutions for M2M communications. It also allows for a very easy connection to PCs for system control and monitoring. The appropriate infrastructure already exists (or can be easily established) in many companies and the industry itself. With the UNITRONIC WLAN solutions, typical industrial applications can also be easily incorporated.

Embedded wireless is a company that offers not only complete, flexible and very quick WLAN modules, but also additional products such as WLAN Access Points and the respectively suitable software. The "System-on-Module" boards featured in the ConnectCore series from Digi make immediate use of the entire application with their powerful microcontrollers and comprehensive interface equipment, and are also available with WLAN interfaces. The MiniCore modules from Rabbit, which are also distributed by Digi, are maintained in very compact Mini-PCI-Express form factors and offer an internal web server for the simplest of communications. 

This applies even more for the solutions from Connect One, whose "iChips" are equipped with intelligent controllers featuring interfaces typically found in applications such as UART or SPI as well as the complete TCP/IP stacks including server functions.