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The specialist when it comes to USB devices

The company FTDI, which is headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, is active across the globe and can look back on 14 years of experience in developing and distributing "Universal Serial Bus" (USB) solutions. The company is widely considered one of the leading specialists in this field.

Its offer includes interface components that connects the USB with all of the industry's common standard interfaces such as UART, I2C, SPI and others.

In addition to pure interfaces for the operation of an application as a periphery device, host interfaces are also available with which the application of USB periphery devices can be used and controlled. Naturally, USB2 will also be supported in hi-speed and full speed modi, just like USB.

Also, in addition to pure ICs, FTDI also offers a wide range of developmental boards, software tools and interface cables with fixed obstructed interface ICs. A given for FTDI is the fact that drivers for all common operational systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and even Android are available.

Typical attributes of an FTDI USB solution is that it includes a high degree of individual intelligence and with that, can be easily integrated into an application.

Further information is available in the Unitronic product catalog.


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