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EN: Antenna Specialist from the Heart of Europe Produktinformationen

EN: A wide assortment of antennas and accessories for all networks

EN: The Slovakian company 2J antenna conceivor is a very modern and quickly growing company. While developing the most modern in antennas, 2J is placing its faith in computer simulations and rapid prototyping in order to be able to quickly integrate new technologies and always develop more powerful and capable products.

2J antenna conceiver offers a downright wide product portfolio for networks including GSM, GPRS, GPS, Galileo, Glonass or Telematik applications. Manufacturing antennas in a currently rapidly developing Slovakia by highly qualified employees guarantees a very high product quality at competitive prices.

UNITRONIC is happy to consult you on the selection of suitable 2J antennas for your application.

Further information is available in the Unitronic product catalog.


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