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SmartCom - Remote Device Management via the IP Network

2N telecommunications is a successful European manufacturer of telecommunication equipment. The company specializes in solutions for small, mid-sized and large companies and for operators in more than 120 countries across the planet.

The 2N machine-to-machine solutions (M2M) for remote supervision & control was conceived according to the specific demands of the customers, developed and manufactured. Our focus is placed on smart metering, cash point machine, and elevator solutions. For central administration, special software can be offered, but also the integration into many M2M software platforms from by third-party suppliers can be realized.

2N® SmartCom is an intelligent system for remote maintenance and communication. Installing the 2N® SmartCom is child’s play. Once an IP address has been set, the system is ready for operation.

Connect! Control! Relax!

The 2N® SmartCom uses the GPRS technology for data transmission. It can be connected to practically all machines – electric meters, beverage dispensers, elevators, etc.

The special SmartCom program control panel is available for making use of large quantities. This program makes it possible to administrate tens of thousands of units, distribute them into individual groups, monitor the transmitted data volume, actualize the company hardware (firmware), etc.

Further information is available in the Unitronic product catalog.


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