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Secure Air for Breathing Thanks to the Best Sensors Produktinformationen

The right partner when it comes to oxygen

The American company Maxtec has been a proven specialist for oxygen sensors for over 15 years now. The electrochemical sensors are considered to be absolutely insensitive in comparison to carbon and nitrogen gases.

In addition, they remain stable for an absolutely above-average period of time, which is also noticed in the clearly longer warranty periods for their sensors that Maxtec features in comparison to other manufacturers.

The maintenance-free sensors are, together with their very positive characteristics, the reason for the large popularity of the Maxtec products, especially when it comes to medical and clinical issues.

Based on the company's own sensors, Maxtec offers a comprehensive palet of complete oxygen measurement devices with battery operation for mobile usage even in very raw conditions. Whereever air for breathing needs to be tested and examined, Maxtec products are the first choice.

Further information is available in the Unitronic product catalog.


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