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You competent partner for everything in the world of mobile telephony communication.

The company Sierra Wireless is seen as a proven mobile telephony specialist and has specialized in both broadband mobile communications and M2M. This includes modems, routers and gateways for practically all popular mobile telephony standards as well as 2G, 3G and 4G networks or CDMA. Amongst Sierra Wireless' customers are - thanks to a widespread range of products - not only customers from the fields of industrial use and M2M as well as police and firefighting or energy suppliers for the remote reading of counters, but rather also the mobile network operators themselves.

The embedded wireless module featured in the successful AirPrime series are, thanks to a special application framework, very easy to implement and come with various construction forms, connections and mobile communication standards. The AirLink series includes all sorts of gateways and routers for diverse mobile telephony standards, which in addition to the very robust style of construction, are distinguished most particularly by their high individual intelligence and strong configurability paired with a high level of dependability.

AirLink modems as well as AirPrime routers and gateways establish the basis for the AirVantage M2M Cloud platform, which enables the development and operation of complete M2M infrastructures in a simple and safe manner.

With it, even the most complex of networks and devices can be administrated and controlled via M2M applications in the web.

Further information is available in the Unitronic product catalog.


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