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AMBW020 Low Power WiFi Module

04.05.2015 08:52

Low Power WiFi Module 802.11 b/g/n from Amber Wireless

The AMBW020 is a compact Low Power WiFi module from AMBER wireless. The module provides an intelligent platform for all IoT (Internet of Things) applications where costs and low-power optimization really matter. The module can process a wide range of TCP/IP (IPv4/IPv6)-based applications with the most widely differing security protocols (WPS, WPA, WPA2, etc.) at data rates of up to 54 Mbps.

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USM-MEMS-VOC for measurement of air quality
USM-MEMS-VOC for measurement of air quality

24.04.2015 11:30

Ultra-compact, low-power USM-MEMS-VOC sensor module enables rapid measurement of air quality

Unitronic will present for the first time in Hall 12, Booth 267 at the trade show SENSOR+TEST 2015 in Nuremberg, May 19 to 21, 2015, a low-power USM-MEMS-VOC sensor module that enables an especially rapid detection of different volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air.

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20.04.2015 14:16

New antennas by 2J

2JOA02 is an impressively small omnidirectional antenna of only 44mm high. The antenna is suitable for a wide range of applications within the M2M industry or any other application in which WiFi is required. We offer two versions of this antenna.

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The new CO-Sensor TGS 5141

26.03.2015 15:23

Figaro Ultra-Compact Electrochemical Type Carbon Monoxide Sensor TGS5141

UNITRONIC will present for the first time in Hall 12, Booth 267 at the trade show Sensor + Test in Nuremberg, May 19 to 21, 2015, an electrochemical carbon monoxide (CO) sensor in a standard button-cell package.

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20.02.2015 11:11

Bluetooth Module with NFC Handover

The “BlueMod+SR” Bluetooth dual-mode module by Stollmann now offers NFC handover as an additional feature. NFC handover enables easy Bluetooth pairing for Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth low energy.

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27.01.2015 08:24

embedded world 2015

Visit us from 24 to 26 February 2015, at the largest trade far of  its kind. The embedded world is a must for everyone concerned with the development, purchasing, procurement and application of embedded technologies in the areas of hardware, software, tools and services.

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13.11.2014 15:30

2J - Introducing the new 2J6A series and 2JW0124 antennas designed for the 4G LTE networks

2J6A series

Compact heavy duty antenna designed for 4G LTE suitable for wide range of applications within industry is also available with automotive specific mounting system. Antenna is available as...

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