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Bluetooth Module with NFC Handover

20.02.2015 11:11

Unitronic is introducing NFC handover for its “BlueMod+SR” Bluetooth module from Stollmann at embedded world 2015.

The very small form factor module (17 x 10 x 2.6 mm) has an extremely low energy consumption and a wireless range up to 100 m and is just as well-suited for use in industrial applications and for the Internet of Things and wearables. It can be easily and cost-effectively integrated.

“BlueMod+SR” provides the Serial Port Profile (SPP) in classic mode. It is also equipped with a GATT interface and the Terminal I/O profile that is based on GATT and similar to SPP. This greatly simplifies and accelerates the development of applications. Parallel operation of SPP and Terminal I/O connections is supported by a simple multiplexing protocol.

The NFC tag is connected to the “BlueMod+SR” via the I²C interface. The NFC Forum Type 2-compliant NFC tag NT3H1101 by NXP is supported.  The field detection function of the tag can be used to wake up the “BlueMod+SR” from standby and to initiate the Bluetooth communication.

Stollmann has developed an NFC utility app for Android for evaluating the NFC handover feature. An evaluation kit including software packages and NFC utility app is available.



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