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Bluetooth Smart 4.2 Module

08.06.2016 12:28

512 kB Flash memory. Ultra small dimensions: 11 x 8 x 1,8 mm

Low Power Features

Due to the integrated DC/DC regulator and the flexible power management including a sleep mode and fast wake-up time the AMB2621 is ideally suitable for low power applications.
After starting up the module can perform an advertising state, so that other devices in range can detect it or it can perform a scanning to find other devices performing the advertising state. Then the connection can be set up and data transmission executed.
As interface to the host system a 2-wire UART interface is provided with a default data rate of 115200 Baud. Furthermore, several pins with alternate functions are available to e.g. connect LEDs, or realize an SPI, I2C, ADC or handshake for the UART.

Fields of Application

- Internet of Things (IoT)
- M2M
- Wearables
- SmartHome sensors
- Connected white goods
- Computer peripherals
- Voice-command smart remotes
- Beacons
- Sports and fitness sensors and hubs
- Connected health products
- RC Toys
- Building automation and sensor networks
- and many more...

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