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Low Power WiFi Module 802.11 b/g/n from Amber Wireless

04.05.2015 08:52

AMBW020 Low Power WiFi Module

Client Mode and Access Point (Soft AP)

The module can be operated both as a software Access Point (AP ) with a DHCP server and in client mode, meaning the module can not only work in the Wi-Fi network as a "normal " client but can also provide a direct access communication with other Wi-Fi enabled devices such as tablets or smartphones.  

This allows the manufacturer in terms of device configuration or maintenance DIRECT ACCESS to the device, without the need to access the network of the customer.

Low Power Features

The integrated TX Power Saving Mode enables devices to reduce the transmit power by up to one-half when in close proximity of an access point. This dynamic power adjustment (in addition with sleep modes consuming less than 1mW) provides more efficient communication and thus longer battery life (in applications such as remote controls, sensors or others). 

The low power sleep operation is controlled through an onboard wake-up manager that enables self-wake and sleep management which can further reduce sleep power. Additionally, the module can wake from suspend very fast, which reduces the total average power profile and any system latency.


The AMBW020 provides an SPI interface with up to 10 Mbps.

Range of Application

“Internet of Things” (IoT): The total networking of electronic devices from all conceivable sectors, such as household appliances, entertainment electronics, home and building automation, and mobile terminals. 

Its compact dimensions and low power consumption also make the radio module ideal for battery-powered applications.

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