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MultiConnect® Conduit™ LoRa™ Starter Kit

20.07.2016 14:11

Quickly get your LoRa™ proof of concept up, running and connected to the cloud

MultiTech® understands how difficult and frustrating it can be to get your IoT idea assembled and working properly and has designed the MultiConnect® Conduit™ LoRa™ Starter Kit to greatly speed up and enhance your experience developing with LoRa™ technology. We’ve reduced the hassle and complexity needed to properly integrate the different elements of any LoRa™ IoT idea – sensors, gateways, end points, LAN and WAN communications and cloud integration – and get them working together in a functioning LoRa™ application. All major components of the MultiConnect® Conduit™ LoRa™ Starter Kit are pre-configured for use with the Conduit™ platform and select MultiTech® cloud platforms and only require simple actions to finish set-up.

There are two versions of the Conduit™ LoRa™ Starter Kits, one for 868 MHz and one for 915 MHz applications, designed for operation in the European Union and North America market places, respectively. A 915 MHz version for use in Australia will be available in August 2016.

The MultiConnect® Conduit™, LoRa™ Accessory Cards, mDot™ Long-Range RF Modules, mDot™ Developer Kit, MultiConnect® mDot™ Micro Developer Kit, LoRa™ Evaluation and Site Survey Box, and LoRa™ Antenna are still available and sold separately to support your customer’s need after they have completed their development and are interested in creating multiple prototypes of their solution.

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