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Snyper-LTE Family

19.07.2016 07:16

New high performance cellular signal and network analyser from Siretta

The all-new SNYPER-LTE provides you with cellular signal strength data from surrounding base stations, enabling you to:

  • Perform site surveys
  • Save survey results 
  • Download saved results to your PC using the USB cable
  • View results on your PC in csv or stylish HTML
  • Make decisions on which Network Operator(s) will deliver the results your service needs
  • Decide on optimum antenna placement
  • Determine real time signal hotspot (SPECTRUM version)
  • Determine real time the best signal signal direction (SPECTRUM version)
  • Assess performance of deployed antenna systems

The menus and operation of the SNYPER-LTE have been designed to be as logical and intuitive as possible, making the unit very simple to use. A large high contrast LCD display ensures that all information is clearly visible, and allows for the presentation of considerable data at the same time. The SNYPER-LTE also allows for considerable customisation of settings including automatic power off, charging rate, sound, and display colour and contrast.  Once you have the results you have the opportunity to store them on the device and then transfer them to your PC. 

Supplied in its own hard carrying case, the SNYPER-LTE is designed for continuous professional use over many years, with the robust enclosure and rubber surround providing additional shock protection. A multi region power supply is also included for charging of the unit through its USB port.

The kit comprises of:

  • SNYPER-LTE High Performance Cellular Signal & Network Analyser
  • 2 Antennas:
  • Antenna 1(Blue) - general purpose LTE(4G), UMTS(3G) & GPRS(2G) coverage
  • Antenna 2(Silver) 2600MHz
  • Multi Region Charger with USB interface
  • Multi-purpose USB cable 
  • USB in-car charging adapter

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