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The new low power MEMS Gas Sensor from Figaro Engineering Inc

20.05.2014 10:30

Lowest power consumption and smallest size available worldwide Metal Oxide Sensor TGS 8100

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TGS 8100 MEMS Gas Sensor

Combining advanced Micro Electro Mechanical Systems technology (MEMS) with Figaro’s 40+ years of extensive experience in metal oxide type gas sensing sensors, Figaro has developed a new indoor air quality sensor with the lowest power consumption and the smallest size of any sensor in the market. With its excellent durability and stability, TGS8100 is ideal for applications such as air cleaners, air conditioners and ventilation fan activation in home and office settings.

Due to miniaturization of its sensing chip through use of MEMS technology, TGS8100 is housed in a standard surface mounting package, making it suitable for mass produced devices.

* World’s lowest power consumption -- 15mW
* World’s smallest size – 3.2 x 2.5 x 0.99 (mm3)
* Quick response
* High sensitivity to gaseous air contaminants

* Air cleaners
* Ventilation control
* Air quality monitors

The samples are right available at UNITRONIC AG

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