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Trust in our professional competence

The UNITRONIC GmbH is a constant service provider who provides its customer with a maximum in support before, during, and after their purchases. Of particular note is for us the design-in support we offer with our in-house development laboratory. We not only feature innovative products, but also the distinctive systematic thinking of our engineers and technicians. Not the least of which has been our clear and early focus on the areas of sensors and M2M communications, which has allowed our developers to acquire a particularl set of highly sought after skills.

Our development laboratory is made available to our customers and provide a wide range of services. These range from an in-depth consultation service as part of a project to design support to the development and implementation of complete applications. We often conduct partial projects for our customers - especially then when, for example, gas sensors or the communication of multiple machines is only a partial aspect of a much larger project. When customers come to trust our expertise in this area, they don't need to be incorporated into new subject areas and thus, save valuable time.

What we can offer in addition to our knowledge is access to our high-quality equipment, which features very powerful logic and spectrum analyzers as well as special instruments such as the gas mixture facility in our own laboratory.

Last but not least, we also develop  a number of our own products such as our innovative UNITRONIC sensor module for gas sensors. These are designed so universally that they can be used directly in a large number of applications. Fundamentally, we also offer customer-specific adjustments, since who knows a product better than those who have developed it? Place your trust our expertise. We also find a fitting solution - we'll do it for you too.